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Ultimakers lay down a melted bead of ABS plastic. Each new layer is put on top of the layer beneath. This machine does not provide as much detail as the Form2. The build texture can be used to model roof shingling and other building materials. This machine has dual extruders so the part can be created with wash away support which allows for more detailed parts. Maximum layer resolution is .02 mm (.00078).

Smallest relief detail: 0.015” (0.38 mm)

Smallest detail: 0.045" (1.14 mm)

Smallest part: 1.0” (25.4 mm)

Freestanding wall thicknesses should be at least 0.0625" (1.59 mm) thick. Larger objects must be at least 0.125’’ (3 mm).

Generally, Ultimaker prints are cheaper than Form 2 prints as the material used is far less expensive. They are however much slower than the Form 2. An 11-inch tower make take as long as 60 hours.

Ultimaker build volumes range from 7.75 by 8.46 and 7.87 inches tall to 13 by 9.4 and 11.8 tall

We stock white and grey material but can order other colors for your print if you provide sufficient notice.